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Middle School Tutoring (Enhancement)

If your middle school child is struggling with math, this may be your last chance to help her avoid a lifetime of math phobia.  I have found that many middle school children are still open to transforming their math life.  With my guidance, your child can move from "math is pain" to "math is fun and gives me easy A's".  Please note that I also offer enrichment tutoring for middle school students.

The introduction of algebra stops many bright children in their tracks.  I remember my own first reaction to algebra, when I was seven years old.  My uncle showed me the equation a+3=7, and he tried to explain to me that a equals 4.

"'a' is a letter and 4 is a number," I remember saying.  "How can a letter equal a number?" I was truly bewildered.

Once your child has lost the thread of algebra, and no longer understands what is being said in class, no amount of studying will get her back on track.  Personal guidance is necessary to help your child get back on track.

Please feel free to call me (617-232-5920) or write (  I will be glad to consider setting up a program of one-on-one guidance to help your child catch up to his or her grade level in math.

When your child is all caught up, and is aceing the math quizzes and tests, you will notice that your child stands straighter and is happier and full of confidence.

The math phobia has been nipped in the bud.  You and your child will then be ready to consider transcending the ordinary (enrichment).

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