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Boston Middle School Enrichment Tutoring

For the middle school child who has overcome all difficulties with math ( middle school enhancement), there are two good areas to investigate.

First, it is a good idea, in the seventh or eighth grade, to begin preparing for the SAT, which the child will take in 11th grade or possibly earlier.  For the child who likes a challenge, the goal of scoring 800 on the math portion of the SAT is an excellent and attainable goal.

Second, a child in the seventh or eighth grade can enter one of the math competitions that are available through middle school math departments.

The most widespread and highly developed competition is called "Mathcounts".  Math competitions are held within a school, and between schools in a city or town.  There are regional competitions within the state, and followed by a state-wide competition.  Finally, in the spring, each state sends a team of four "mathletes" to Washington for the national competition.

One year I had the pleasure of tutoring the person who became the captain of the team that Massachusetts sent to the national competition.

On other occasions I have tutored people who didn't make it all the way to Washington, but who nevertheless had a great deal of fun and enlightenment.

I recommend this kind of competition where math is treated as a sport.

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