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High School Tutoring (Enhancement)

For more than thirty years I have been helping high school students with math, physics, chemistry, and SAT preparation.  Please note that I also offer enrichment tutoring for high school students.

Even the brightest student will eventually hit a stone wall, and will not immediately understand concepts that required the passage of hundreds of years for mathematicians and scientists to figure out.

When a student is struggling with a math or science course, it only makes sense to call me.  My understanding of the subject and my ability to teach in terms that the individual student can understand -- and my enthusiasm for mathematical and scientific subjects -- have "turned around" many high school students.  Many students who had steadfastly adopted a self-image of mediocrity of intellect have had that image disappear to be replaced by a feeling of competence and accomplishment.

High school students are also concerned with SAT preparation.  I can guide the student to substantially increase his or her score on both the verbal and the math sections of the SAT.

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