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Grade School Tutoring (Enhancement)

For college-minded parents, grade school is the most important time to invest in your child's education, and arithmetic is a key subject to work with.  Please note that I also offer enrichment tutoring for grade school students.

The child who doesn't quite "get" arithmetic, and who doesn't achieve high scores in arithmetic tests, will internalize the harmful idea that, "I'm not good at arithmetic."  This idea is very hard (but not impossible) to eradicate in later years.  Very many children carry this idea into adulthood, and spend their working life trying to avoid quantitative and technical areas, to their detriment.

One of the most important gifts you will ever give your child in his or her educational life is to provide a tutor who will help your child catch up and become proficient at fulfilling the moderate requirements that grade schools make in the area of arithmetic.

Please feel free to call me (617-232-5920) or write (   I will be glad to consider setting up a program of one-on-one guidance to help your child catch up to grade level in arithmetic.

When your child has caught up to grade level in arithmetic, and is getting high scores in all the arithmetic quizzes and tests, you will notice a substantial difference in your child.  Your child will stand straighter and be happier and full of confidence.

Math phobia, that was starting to set in, will be gone.  You and your child will then be ready to consider the important question of enrichment.

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