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Boston SAT Test Prep Tutoring

The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is an exam given to high school students who want to attend college after graduating.

While there are SAT courses in existence, I offer personal, one-on-one lessons for high school students who want to do well on the exam.  Rather than learning in a classroom environment, my SAT prep tutoring is tailored to the student's needs, abilities, and skill levels.  I have been helping students prepare for the SAT for more than 20 years and I can help you excel.

My educational background is that I have my B.Sc. degree in mathematics from MIT and I have a Ph.D. in physics.  I have published scientific articles in several fields.  My extensive educational and tutoring experience provides an added bonus as we work together toward achieving high SAT scores.

SAT Math

I guide students from well below average (400's) to well above average (600's).  For students who start in the 600's, I can give them a good foundation for the 800's.

I ask students to spend four hours working on their own for very hour spent with me.  I provide the assignments and the material targeted to the needs of the individual student.

Specifically, I provide exercises and materials that have the following goals:

  • Learn all the math you need for the SAT (surprisingly, the typical high school junior or senior already has most of this knowledge.  The SAT is not primarily a test of knowledge.)
  • Techniques to overcome the tendency to make careless errors.
  • Processes to deepen the students' grasp of what they already more or less know
  • Training in what to do when your initial reaction to a problem is "I don't know how to do this one."

SAT Verbal

SAT Verbal Vocabulary Tutoring

I train the student in a unique technique for learning vocabulary words.

The various SAT verbal sections

Each category of verbal questions has one major technique that works for it.  I train the student in each of these techniques.  In each of the verbal subsections, I show the student how to come up with an answer before looking at the 5 choices.  Doing this has enormous advantages. I show the student how to then relate this potential answer to the 5 choices, by a strict and efficient technique.

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