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Boston GRE Test Prep Tutoring

The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is a standardized test designed to assess the verbal, quantitative and analytical skills of students seeking admission to graduate school and professional programs.  I have been helping Boston area students prepare for the GRE for more than a decade.

The Case of Don - GRE and Learning Disability

A few years ago, I taught Don, a college graduate with a serious learning disability.  He was having an especially difficult time preparing for the GRE.  I worked with Don doing GRE preparation for several months.  He took the test and scored in the 700's in all three areas of the GRE. He was subsequently admitted to MIT, where he earned a Master of Science degree in his chosen field.

I can help you increase your GRE scores

I ask my students to work four hours on material I suggest and provide, for each hour they work with me.  That means if you come to ten meetings, and do the work I suggest, you will have spent 50 hours of guided work on the GRE.

Each time you go through one cycle of spending the hour with me and working 4 hours on you own, you will notice a distinct improvement in your abilities.  I do not require my students to sign up for any minimum number of lessons, because on each cycle they feel the improvement.  My students keep coming back until they have reached their desired level.

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