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Boston GMAT Test Prep Tutoring

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is an exam that assesses a student's basic level of verbal, mathematical, and analytical writing skills.  I have been tutoring Boston area students prepare for the GMAT for over twenty years.

A unique type of student sits for GMAT.  Students who take the exam are serious and they understand the concept of investment.  Preparing for the GMAT requires an investment of time, money and effort.  These students are willing to work hard during their preparation and the results show it.

I ask my students to work on their own for at least 4 hours on GMAT-related material that I suggest and provide, for each hour that they spend with me during the preparation.  That means if you come to ten meetings, and do the work I suggest, you will have spent 50 hours of guided work on the GMAT.

Each time you go through one cycle of spending the hour with me and working 4 hours on your own, you will notice a distinct improvement in your abilities.

I do not require students to sign up for any minimum number of GMAT lessons.  Students are aware of the progress they make on each cycle, and they keep coming back until they have reached their desired level.

My GMAT students do the work.  Their progress is relentless.  They learn the skills and make the progress they were aiming for.


Working with me is far more efficient than studying with any of the test preparation companies offering GMAT courses.  I personally provide direct one-to-one tutoring.  Through our collaboration you can achieve much more than by sitting in on yet another course.

Nevertheless, many of my students have taken the test preparation company classes.  The truth is that these test prep companies take students up to a certain level, to some extent reflecting the level of the teachers.  That is clearly restrictive for a student who wants to excel at the GMAT.  I guide them to achieve beyond that level.

The Boston Tutor Advantage

As a professional tutor, I have two decades of experience teaching and working with students as they prepare for the GMAT.  I help students get high GMAT scores.  I do this in several ways.

  • I have deep knowledge of the material.
  • I am able to ascertain, in detail and precisely, the needs of each student.
  • I use powerful and efficient training techniques which I have developed over twenty years.
  • I figure out what each student's learning style is, and I teach accordingly to each student.

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