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College Student Tutoring (Enhancement)

I have been tutoring college students for twenty years.  I can help you learn the material as needed.  A key to success in college is the, "Don't fall behind" rule.  If you do find yourself starting to fall behind, you must act quickly.

A good college education is vital in this world of globalization.  Whether the subject is math, physics, chemistry, programming, business, or engineering, I can help.  Please note that I also offer enrichment tutoring for college students.

There is no reason to go to a top-rated college and not get top grades.  My tutoring can help you reach beyond your current academic performance levels.

College Pitfalls

Certain pitfalls can occur in college and graduate school subjects.
Some of the pitfalls that may be encountered are listed.

  • Tests that are pitched far beyond the level to which the course teaches.
  • Courses with unstated prerequisites.  (For example, "Introductory" courses in modern computer languages for which the unspoken prerequisite that the student started programming in Basic at the age of 10, and has been programming as a hobby ever since.)
  • Courses with no textbook that rely on badly photocopied and shoddy handouts.
  • Courses that are taught by people who are largely unfamiliar with spoken English.
The surprised victim of these pitfalls is not helpless: Get help from a good tutor.

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