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About Boston Tutor Charles RobinsonBoston Tutor Charles Robinson


Weizman Institute of Science

Ph.D. in physics
M.Sc. in physics

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

B.Sc. in mathematics

Brookline High School


Books written

Basic Math and Pre-Algebra
Learning Express LLC, 2007

Algebra I,
Learning Express LLC, 2007


Scientific Research


A new way of thinking about how human memory operates on the molecular level. Theoretical considerations were advanced and experimental tests were suggested in support of the idea that the recognition and retrieval operations which underlie memory in humans and animals may occur primarily within neurons, rather than at the synapses. (Articles in Journal of Theoretical Biology and Journal of Biological Psychology.)

Subnuclear Particles

Theoretical aspects of the interactions of sub-nuclear particles. Introduction of the principle of unitarity into the single-particle exchange approximation of the scattering of elementary particles at high energies. (Article in Nuovo Cimento.)

Auditory Perception

Experiments in auditory perception performed to elucidate the mathematical understanding of how sounds are perceived. (Articles in Journal of the Acoustical Society of America.)

Statistical Inference

Improving the mathematical basis for the routine use of statistical inference in areas such as medicine, psychology, sociology, and education. (Article in preparation.)


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